Logo Strapline change - please vote!

As the DataSHIELD project matures and expands, we’d like your opinion on whether we should change the strapline on our logo from “Secure Bioscience Collaboration” to “Secure Data Science Collaboration” Please reply with YES to change to Data Science or NO to retain Bioscience.
Thanks for your feedback.

100% YES

(I write extra things to have 20 characters ----- quite unusual having a minimum number of letters)

YES, please! Thanks Elaine!




I agree, thank you.

I also wonder if the logo itself needs a refresh, as it is now quite mature itself!

I agree with Tom, the DS logo design would need an update.

I also agree with all so far. And maybe even a competition with community input?!



I think “Secure Data Science Collaboration” is a better strapline. (Is it just my browser or is the “Collaboration” been shortened to “Collaborat”.

My personal taste would be a logo which was a bit more minimalist.


You can have fun with this logo generator: