High Performance Computing (HPC) support

We are interested in understanding the High Performance Computing (HPC) support that members of the DataSHIELD community are using or hoping to use. If you are using HPC or planning to use HPC could you please post some details here. If the HPC cluster you plan to use has a web-site could you include a link.


Hi Stuart,

I use the Cambridge HPC:



We might want to use UMCG clusters, documented here http://docs.gcc.rug.nl/ Basically SLURM+Linux

Cheers Morris

I should have said that similar to UMCG, our HPC is Redhat with SLURM job management. There are several different clusters depending on what resources you want (e.g. there is one dedicated to GPUs which I have used a lot for deep learning)

We have being using the Newcastle’s Rocket HPC Service (https://services.ncl.ac.uk/itservice/research/hpc/), which supports SLURM job management. Stuart