Error in ds.unique

Dear all,

I am using ds.unique for the first time but immediately got an error. My aim was to see if there was any duplicated children in my dataset using their ID.

Assigned expr. (unique_id <- uniqueDS("outcomes_non_rep$child_id")) [=====>------------]  33% / 0sError: There are some DataSHIELD errors, list them with datashield.errors()
> datashield.errors()
[1] "Bad request: "

[1] "Bad request: "`

Does anyone know how to solve it?

For information I am using the lifecycle analysis platform with profile Xenon but defined profiles to “default” for the two servers involved.

Do not hesitate if you need more information on my code.



Hi Ines,

The ds.unique function was first introduced in dsBaseClient 6.2.

So while the Xenon profile in the lifecycle analysis server includes dsBaseClient 6.3, the “default” profiles for eden and pelagie include dsBase 6.1 and therefore the server-side function uniqueDS is not available for these cohorts yet.

We need to wait for them to install the server-side “xenon” profile that includes dsBase 6.3.

Best wishes, Demetris

Hi Demetris,

Ok, I get it. Thanks a lot for your quick response.

Best, Ines