Deactivate search for plungs


when I start the opal docker container I receive the following error on first startup:

15:49:39.751 [main] INFO - Installation Step type: org.obiba.opal.core.install.DefaultPluginsInstallStep 15:49:39.751 [main] INFO org.obiba.opal.core.install.DefaultPluginsInstallStep - Installing default plugins from update site: 15:49:39.751 [main] INFO org.obiba.opal.core.install.DefaultPluginsInstallStep - Installing opal-search-es plugin 15:51:50.158 [main] ERROR org.obiba.opal.core.install.DefaultPluginsInstallStep - Failed to install opal-search-es plugin

The problem seems to be that the server is behind a proxy and it tries to connect to the plugin update site without the proxy details. I tried to set the details either with “JAVA_OPTS” or “http_proxy” with no effect. Is it possible to deactivate the search for the plugins?




Unfortunately, there is no such possibility. In your case, Opal tries to download the opal-search-es plugin, that activates a search engine for looking up data dictionaries and making basic summary statistics. Nothing directly useful for DataSHIELD.

There are also other plugins for importing data in other formats. These are not installed by default, but can be very useful.

In the meantime you can:


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