Data Import from a postgres database


we are still testing the data import from a postgres database (Version 9.6) via web client and we are using Opal Server 3.0.9.

Now I have two questions regarding the process:

  1. Database permission

We tested different database permissions scenarios and the only two scenarios which are running are that user ot the DataSHIELD database connection is database admin or owner of the source table.

Do we have a technical issue or is that the standard permission scenario with a database?

  1. DataSHIELD project permission

During the testing we find out that the project administrator can not select the data import option SQL.

Which steps we miss to configure it correctly or is this situation the standard?

Please help us

Thank you Hans-Jörg


  1. It depends on the SQL database’s usage. For data import, read-only access is enough (you could import data from SQL views for instance). For data storage or export, SQL tables creation/deletion and data insert/update/deletion is needed. How this translates to SQL database permissions is vendor specific.

  2. This is an issue and it has been fixed. It will be part of the next release (this week probably). Thanks for the report.



Opal 4.2.6 has been released. If fixes the project’s administrator permission to import from a SQL database and it improves this SQL import by supporting numerical primary keys (i.e. participant identifiers).

Regarding Postgres access permissions, you will probably be interested in this discussion:


Hello Yannick,

We tested yesterday the new version and your permission issue is solved. Thank you

The database topic we will do next week.

Best regards