Code of conduct

This is a public forum for people interested in DataSHIELD, as such there are a few rules we’d like everyone to follow:

Respect one another and be awesome to one another

  • No name calling, harassment, spamming, trolling etc etc. You know this.
  • If someone has a problem that you know the answer to then help them.
  • Thank people if they solve a problem for you.
  • If you solve your own problem then say how you did it - someone else might have the same problem.


  • This forum is public, so never, ever, post any confidential data on it.
  • Be careful that log files etc don’t have confidential data in them.
  • Check any scripts/code fragments don’t have your username/password in them before posting!
  • If you find a critical bug in DataSHIELD that affects the security of sensitive data then don’t post it publicly. Email and/or others involved in DataSHIELD directly.