Testbed for R/DataShield with minimal local installation

Hallo DS community,

I wonder whether there is some testbed available to apply R/DataSHIELD without going through the trouble of setting up a Federated Analyses infrastructure with multiple data host servers. I would like to just have to install R/DataSHIELD on my local laptop and connect it with some other servers to do some test runs, or maybe just through a webinterface?

Best, Wilmar


You can have a look at DSLite (available in the CRAN) which is a server-less implementation of the DataSHIELD interface. Be aware that the behavior of DSLite is slightly different: the R function calls that can be sent to the “R servers” is not strictly verified, as Opal would do. But it is still a great tool to get familiar with the concept of federated analysis.


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We are also working on a sandbox server that you could test against from your local R client. I hope this will be ready in a few days

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Hi Wilmar,

Yannick’s suggestion is a good one. As an alternative to it, the DataSHIELD training material does just set up a VM locally on your computer to act as a federated analysis infrastructure, without really having to set one up. Instructions are found at the Installation and Training Hub, here: https://data2knowledge.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DSDEV/pages/931069953

But if this is something you’ve already looked at and decided against, that’s quite alright!

@Yannick would it be possible to use opal-demo in the short term as another option?

@tombishop yes… as soon as people are making a reasonable usage of it :slight_smile:

@wilmar.igl you can use https://opal-demo.obiba.org with credentials administrator/password, system is rebuilt daily. There are some “DataSHIELD” projects with simulated test data (CNSIM, DASIM, etc.) that you can use. But I still recommend to have a look at DSLite, so that you could play with your own datasets.


Thanks for many great ideas to check out! Happy to see that the DS community is so active!

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