How to pass a constant to server in the assign function

Dear all,

If I want to create a zero vector of length 40 in the server, how should I do? See below errors:

datashield.assign.expr(opals[[2]], "w", quote(repDS("0", "40")))
Error in .appendError(n, e$message) : object 'n' not found

Hi Hank,

Here is the way on how you can generate the zero vector of length 40 in the server “opals[[2]]”:

ds.rep(x1 = 0, times = 40, length.out = NA, each = 1, source.x1 = “clientside”, source.times = “c”, source.length.out = NULL, source.each = “c”, x1.includes.characters = FALSE, newobj = “w”, datasources = opals[[2]])

Great, thanks a lot Hank