dsUpload 4.7.1 released

dsUpload 4.7.1

Due to a dependency issue we specified a workaround to install dsUpload.

dsUpload users need to follow a specific way of installing version 4.7.1, please see the release notes on how to do this.


Is dsUpload only intended for members of LifeCycle? I don’t suppose it is possible to run without cohort_id, or with custom cohort_ids within a separate network?


Thank you for your question, at this moment it is not possible to run without cohort_id, if your cohort is not in this list (du.enum.cohorts) let us know (molgenis-support@umcg.nl) and we can add your cohort. We already support Athlete cohorts, see the ds-dictionaries _ath. Adding support for additional networks is certainly possible.

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