DataSHIELD wiki feedback - survey

Hi everyone,

We are interested in restructuring the DataSHIELD wiki in order to make it more accessible for users new and old.

To help us improve, would you mind filling in a short (3 minutes!) survey on how you use the wiki, found here on Newcastle University forms: .

Several key points are:

  • A homepage that is clearly grouped into New users learning for the first time, more advanced users finding help for functionality they need, and an area for developers’ tips and tricks.

  • A less layered structure, so for latest release you don’t need to know that the file path for an up-to-date list of functions is DataSHIELD training -> Version 5 – DataSHIELD tutorials -> Tutorial for DataSHIELD users v5 -> List of all DataSHIELD functions v5 Instead, could just be listed under “help”.

  • More interlinking on wiki pages. For example, in a tutorial it may mention “to see a list of functions available to the analyst, see here

Please see the attached powerpoint presentation for a visual mock up of the proposed changes here.