Authenticate using Access Token

Hi All,

I am currently trying to connect to Opal using personal access tokens in DataSHIELD.

It seems that the function does not work as described in the wiki:

Trying to login to my opal (without DataSHIELD) I get the following error message:

Error in opal.login(token = “ktNaW6bDehjXZuRmR0EQlJxweCFyUX”, url = “https://opal-url:443”) : unused argument (token = “ktNaW6bDehjXZuRmR0EQlJxweCFyUX”)

Further i am not sure how to use the token in the datashield.login function, as the documentation does not show how a token can be used:

Hi Julian,

Are you using Opal server 2.15 and opal R client opalr 1.2 ?

Note that the legacy opal R client does not support this feature. Same thing for the current DataSHIELD release (which is based on opal R client). The next DataSHIELD major version will be based on DSI, which will handle the token based authentication (opal R client will be deprecated in favor of opalr).

Cheers, Yannick

Hi Yannick,

thank you for the quick reply. I was using the opal I installed as part of my DataSHIELD setup, so the legacy version.

I will wait for the next major version then.



DSI switch is due by the end of this year according to DataSHIELD’s road map.