An error using resourcer


I successfully loaded rda data using resourcer from opal on the virtual machine. When it came to the real server (using the same setting), the following errors appeared.

> datashield.assign.resource(datasources[3],symbol="Y",resource = "omics.Y")
  Assigned all resource (Y <- ...) [=====================================================] 100% / 0s
> ds.class(x = "Y", datasources = datasources[3])
 Aggregated (exists("Y")) [=============================================================] 100% / 0s
  Aggregated (classDS("Y")) [============================================================] 100% / 0s
 [1] "RDataFileResourceClient" "FileResourceClient"      "ResourceClient"          "R6"                     

> datashield.assign.expr(conns = datasources[3],  symbol = "Y", expr = quote(as.resource.object(Y)))
 Assigned expr. (Y <- as.resource.object(Y)) [==========================================] 100% / 0s
Error: There are some DataSHIELD errors, list them with datashield.errors()

> datashield.errors()
 [1] "Command 'as.resource.object(Y)' failed on 's3': Error while evaluating 'is.null(base::assign('Y', value={resourcer::as.resource.object(Y)}))' -> Error in curl::curl_fetch_disk(url, x$path, handle = handle) : \n  Peer's Certificate issuer is not recognized.\n"

Does anyone know how to fix it? Regards,


It says that the ResourceClient is trying to communicate with a remote host via https and that this server has not a valid certificate (from the R server host point of view). This is rejected for security reasons. See with your IT department to make this certificate recognized by the R server host.


Hi Yannick,

I am a bit confused. Because I found run any analysis (datashiled functions, my own functions, load data from import) on the remote server without any problems, why they required the certificates for resources?

Regards, hank

Maybe you could tell us a bit more about your resource: what is this server for which the connection fails?